Mike is the founder and Managing Partner for Rausch Advisory Services LLC. He has been engaged by CloudeAssurance to provide operational management strategy, support and decision leadership. He is responsible for assisting the senior leadership with global expansion plan development and identifying growth strategy in sales, partnerships, branding, marketing, etc.

Mike has over 18+ years of experience in helping businesses manage their technology resources and compliance needs effectively. His experience includes consulting and co-sourcing, IT Security, IT audits, Regulatory compliance, and technology security assessments, risk identification, assessment and evaluation; risk response; risk monitoring; IT control design and implementation; and IT control monitoring and maintenance.

Mike has held leadership roles with Arthur Andersen and several other National Consulting Firms, and has prior experience with Fortune Brands and Philip Morris.

He designed a Virtual Security Technology Center for a National Consulting Firm and ran an ethical hacking / penetration testing team for Arthur Andersen.