AlertApp! and BlackCloudRx™ Powered by CloudeAssurance (security rating service) are used to deliver Consumer Assurance.

These innovative Mobile Apps provide consumer assurance for the cloud services they use.

These FREE download Mobile Apps provides real time alerts of cloud security ratings, security breaches and class action lawsuits related to the cloud services that consumers are using.

These alerts are also delivered to insurance underwriters who underwrite Cyber Liability policies for enterprises and consumers alike, allowing them to effectively measure and proactively monitor risks related to these cloud services.

How they work

AlertApp! and BlackCloudRx™ are both cross-platform Mobile Apps, that allows users to receive real time alerts containing pertinent information related to the safety and security of your cloud service.

These innovative Mobile Apps are available for iPhone and Android and are available as a FREE download Mobile App from the Apple Store and Google Play.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why do I as a consumer need to download your Mobile App to monitor my cloud services?

    According to a recent industry study, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook users had the highest incidence of fraud. This is no surprise because criminals can use your sensitive information obtained from hacking these cloud services to commit financial fraud.

    If and when the breach of your cloud service(s) is made public, receiving notification as quickly as possible allows you to mitigate the risk of financial fraud because you will be able to act quickly based on relevant actionable steps that you receive through AlertApp! and BlackCloudRx™

    The type of cloud service you use and the type of information you store in that cloud service is as important as the type of information stored in your credit file.

    In essence, if you care to monitor your personal credit file, you should care to monitor your cloud services.

  • Ok, so once I have downloaded the FREE download Mobile App, what next?

    You will need to install the App on your Mobile device.

  • Ok, once I have installed the FREE download Mobile App, what next?

    For BlackCloudRx™ - you will need to register using the subscription code provided to you, this will enable you to receive real time alerts from our cloud service rating and monitoring platform for 1 year.

    For AlertApp! - you will need to register to obtain a 30 day free trial that will enable you to receive real time alerts from our cloud service rating and monitoring platform.

    For AlertApp! - for a limited time you can upgrade your 30 day free trial to a USD $0.99 annual subscription for Android devices and USD $1.99 annual subscription for iPhone and iPad devices.

    This subscription fee goes towards the maintenance of our comprehensive databases and infrastructure, thereby ensuring that you are receiving timely and up to date information through our App.

  • Ok, so once I have registered to receive real time alerts, what next?

    You will need to check your e-mail for the system generated temporary password, then use this password to login from the Mobile App installed on your Mobile device. For security reasons, you will be required to change your temporary password at first login.

    To protect your account, be sure to set a strong password by following the password parameters displayed in the login screen in your installed App.

  • Ok, can I use my login credentials on more then one Mobile device?

    No, your login credentials are tied to your subscription code for BlackCloudRx™ and for AlertApp! your login credentials are tied to your 30 day free trial, USD $0.99 annual subscription for Android devices or USD $1.99 annual subscription for iPhone and iPad devices, which is restricted to one Mobile device.

  • Ok, after login on from the Mobile App how do I start monitoring my cloud service, what next?

    First, you need to review the list of cloud services discovered on your Mobile device by the Auto-discover feature (available only on Android phones) in both AlertApp! and BlackCloudRx™ Apps to determine which ones you want to monitor, then match this list of cloud services against the names of the cloud services listed in our database delivered through the App.

    You can then drill down into the individual cloud services provided by the cloud service providers that you have identified. Both AlertApp! and BlackCloudRx™ Apps will allow you to select the different notifications you want to receive for each of your selected cloud services.

  • Ok, after selecting the different notifications I want to receive for each of my selected cloud services, what next?

    You will now be able to drill down to each cloud service score, security breach/outage, class action lawsuit information and recommended user action.

    You will also get notified through AlertApp! or BlackCloudRx™ App of any changes to any of these information based on your selection.

  • What do I do with the alerts received through the Mobile App, particular concerns about my cloud service?

    There is strength in numbers and because we live in a consumer driven economy, we highly encourage consumers to contact their cloud service providers directly to express any concerns they have about their cloud service having a low rating, experiencing a security breach and getting sued due to a security breach.

    We are certainly open to working with cloud service providers, as a trust broker, to help provide independent assurance to you as the consumer, but we are relying on the power of you the consumer to incentivize the cloud service providers to attain the necessary continuous improvement process.

  • Where can I obtain additional information about the scores displayed in my Mobile App?

    Each displayed score is followed by (P) or (V).

    (P) – indicates a Provisional Score that is based on the review of public information disclosed by the cloud service provider.

    (V) – indicates a Validated Score that is based on independent onsite assessment(s) of the cloud service provider performed by a HISPI Qualified Independent CAAP Assessor.

    0 (P) – indicates insufficient public information disclosed by the cloud service provider to warrant a review.

    The CloudeAssurance scoring scale below shows where each cloud service score falls i.e. Optimized Score, Excellent Score, Great Score, Fair Score, Poor Score or Very Poor Score.